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Events:  Workshops, Hikes and Classes

Family Bon-Fires
Family Bon-Fires are offered throughout the spring, summer, and fall. They will be offered in two -three hour lengths of time. You will be required to complete a "Hold Harmless" agreement for your family/participants. You may bring s'more supplies, drinks, and snacks. This is a family event so age appropriate language and limited adult beverages are suggested. Yaleville Farm, Inc. will be supervising the bon-fire and reserves the right to determine appropriate behavior.
Sign up is not required. A $5 donation is suggested per family.
Hikes and A Craft
Hikes are offered throughout the spring, summer, and fall. They will be offered in one to two hour lengths of time. You will get wet feet and muddy. Participants must be able to climb a hill and handle uneven footing.
Children younger than 4 are asked not to attend unless an adult is able to carry them if they get tired. The usual donation is $10.00 per family. (1 parent and up to 2 children)
You may pay online or in person.
When booking this event online, 1 participant = 1 parent with 2 children, additional children may be paid for at the farm.

Workshops are offered throughout the spring, summer, and fall. They will be offered in one, two, or three hour increments. 


A parent or other 18 year old, or older family member, is always welcome to join younger participants free of charge. If a family(living at same house address) would like to attend a workshop, the program director will determine the reduction in price.


Depending on workshop length, a donation is expected to cover used materials and/or snack costs. A 3 hour workshop costs between $10 and $25.00. Price will be determined by the program director based on current material prices.


All proceeds support Yaleville Farm development and maintenance.  All donated materials will receive a receipt for tax purposes.


Examples of possible workshops include:

   >Early Explorers-ages 6-9, usually a two day workshop

   >Into the Woods-ages 10-13, offered in both 2 and 3 day sessions

   >Shelter building-ages 9-14, usually a 3-4 hour offering

   >Slack Line Challenge- ages 7-14, usually a 2 hour workshop

   >Creating Fairy Houses-ages 6-12, offered in a 2 or 3 hour setting


Classes for Children and Adults

Educational classes provide more intense instruction and participants will go home with a personally made product or the knowledge to create their own product at home.


Classes are offered in cooking, camping, and stream ecology.

Most classes are 3-4 hours. Costs for classes start at $25.00 for children under 16 years. Adult classes range from $30-60.00, depending on current market prices for class materials/product.

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