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Maryanne Whyte, Director
Phone: 315-573-0036

The Yaleville Farm property is very special to our family. We moved to this farm from New Jersey in 1965. As we grew, we explored and played on the property everyday. When we were young we raised beef, pigs, chickens, ducks, and rabbits. We were active in 4-H and participated in local competitions. We learned to respect both nature and the animals that surrounded us. 

Having animals and nature in our lives from such an early age shaped our hearts and our spirits. Learning to work together to complete chores and the daily care of so many animals shaped our work ethic and desire to make our parents proud of us. 

When we were young we would change our school clothes, run down to the stream, and play for hours. Our parents never worried about where we were. They knew we were catching crayfish, building dams, building forts, and climbing trees. By constantly challenging ourselves, while playing, we learned to be confident and brave. We learned to work together, depend on each other, and respect the wildlife in our woods, fields, and streams.

We decided to establish our not-for-profit so that other families and children could share the experiences that we had. We want children to know the joy of capturing a frog after crawling through a muddy marsh, hunting for a crayfish and finally getting up the nerve to hold it, and to feel comfortable in the quiet of the woods while watching a wild turkey hunt for it's lunch.

We hope you enjoy our special place and create memories to last a lifetime!

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