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The beekeeper at Yaleville Farm has been working with, and learning about bees since 2016. The number of hives on the farm can range from 2-8 hives. Honey and other bee products are available at the farm stand on the property. All honey is kept raw. This means it is not heated or finely filtered. Therefore, the honey will crystalize.

Spring/early summer honey is usually available at the beginning of July. This honey tends to be lighter in flavor and crystalizes very slowly. Honey harvested later in the year is called late summer or fall honey. This honey is of a stronger flavor and tends to crystalize very quickly unless it it kept in the freezer.

Special orders for individuals, families, or events can be arranged with the beekeeper.

The beekeeper is available for small group, interactive presentations for an agreed upon donation amount.

Swarm removal is also available for an agreed upon donation amount.

All money from honey sales are used by Yaleville Farm for supplies and to continue to provide outdoor learning opportunities for local individuals and families.

Contact the beekeeper at

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Keeping Bees at Yaleville Farm
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